KONGs for K9s Display at Top Dogs in Kennesaw

Jonathan Wahl, 47th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog Veteran , stopping by for Top Dogs Kennesaw

MWDTSA Webmaster and 47th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog Veteran stopped by Top Dogs for a quick visit and “scouting” opportunity at the Kennesaw store on his way through on I-75. While there, he visited with employee Mandy Andree and checked out the items being requested for our dogs, including the KONGs, Solid Gold Shampoo and Conditioners, and grooming supplies.

Thanks to all of our great partner stores for their support, KONGs and other supplies will be in our Christmas packages.

WellPet Treats our k9s with High Quality Jerky Treats

Wellness Logo 100_1879What a great day on Saturday when we gathered up a big donation of Wellness Turkey & Salmon Jerky Treats that were donated by WellPet for our deployed Military Working Dogs. If you pay careful attention to doggy nutrition, you will quickly see that these Wellness treats are top of the line. With two proteins at the top of the ingredient list and absolutely NO grain and nothing artificial in the ingredient list. These are the perfect rewards for a hard working K9. And, in addition to offering stellar nutritional value, they are also light, small and easy to carry in a mission pack.

Handlers deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or Djbouti can request these from us while the supply lasts by sending an email to mwdtsa.dixie@yahoo.com

Thanks again to WellPet. What a class act! We’ll get them out and we appreciate your support.

Another FURminating success

It was a simple question that I positioned to a Kennelmaster in Iraq. “Would you be able to use some FURminators?” The response back was enthusiastic: “Not just Yeah, but Hell Yeah! Those things are awesome. A couple of us has them stateside. We’d use the big one obviously. They really cut down big time on grooming. So Yes.”

The handlers at Fort Benning confirmed, “they are like gold” when you’re deployed . So we continue sending FURminators and appreciate your support in helping us get them over to Iraq.
This has been a big success!

multitasking Sit down furminating

Invisible Fence Open House opens doors to new friends

100_1662 Being March, you never know if you’re going to get the lion, the lamb or lamb chops when it comes to the weather and today was no exception. Early this morning it was misting rain and cool, even though the weatherman “told” me it would be warm and sunny. Well, he didn’t lie, really, it just didn’t warm up until afternoon when the temperature hit the mid-70’s and the sun broke forth. It ended up being just a grand day.

MWDTSA was invited to attend an Open House at the local Invisible Fence dealer today. http://www.invisiblefence.com/

Several area vendors with dog related businesses were also in attendance and the general public was invited to come and bring their dogs. Activities for the dogs included agility play, bone toss and a paw print on a tile.

The best part of the day, other than getting a chance to hang around with buddies Ann, Liz and Ken, is that we got to meet some awesome folks. First, there is Jody McGlothlin of Invisible Fence with whom is always a treat to spend time. But, we also got to meet some pretty cool vendors and other folks that had a real interest in what we were doing.

100_1664We had several offers to help with fundraising etc, but one of the most unique that I think we’ve run across comes from Pet Dreams Memorial Center and its owner, Kevin Marcy. Kevin advised that his full service funeral home for pets would provide free service to anyone residing in the greater Atlanta area when their Military Working Dog dies. Since I’m thinking of getting one of these dogs as soon as I bulk up the bank account a bit, I think that is really, really generous and very appropriate offer.

There were many other really great vendors with amazing services and I was able to get cards from many of them. If you’re in the Atlanta area and need to know where to get an invisible fence, have a pet sitter come to the home or board your dog in a non-boring kennel, get a doggy bath with a blueberry facial, learn K 9 first aid from an expert, go to doggy obedience school and more, let me know, have I got info for you.

(BTW, I nearly lost Ann to the blueberry facial folks at Aussie Pet Mobile. Not only did the thought of a facial sound really amazing, the blueberries were somehow dancing in our heads and creating visions of muffins, too.) I’ll in100_1661clude a list of all the links of the wonderful vendors we met.






Enjoy a few photos of the day: Ann with the cutest little papillion, Ken with Kala (an extremely sweet mixed breed that just won all our hearts), Kevin Marcy with his display and some of the “goodies” available for munching.

Thanks, Jody, it was terrific and it’s always great to meet new friends. Monies donated at today’s event will go to my favorite charity : ), MWDTSA, to help us with new requests that are coming in.

We love our FURminators! Thanks again to the FURminator Company for their ongoing support!

Philip Mendoza doing the FURminator thing

MWDTSA is always grateful to get enthusiastic responses to the items being sent over. Nothing much seems to beat the FURminator for being a bit hit with the handlers and tough toys for being a hit with the dogs. Here’s a piece of a recent thank you note:

“I wanted to let you know that I got my package from you today and I also wanted to say thank you very much for the Furminator. Rico loves the toy I can’t get him to let it go sometimes. The snacks for both me and the dog are great they will be shared with my fellow handlers here but the Furminator is MINE! Thanks’ again for everything and here are some pictures but there are much more to come.”


Macedonia Store, T C Country & Customers Continue Support

Sabine with Jodie and Fabio Sabine with plaque and flagSome of our very first and most consistent supporters are the owners, staff and customers of a local country store called, T C Country. Located in the Macedonia community, between Canton and Cumming, this store offers the animal lovers of Cherokee County a place to purchase feed and tack for horses, feed for other farm animals and the dogs and cats that most people in the area cherish. Some of their customers have been so incredibly supportive with multiple donations of in kind products or financial donations. We just want to stop for a moment and thank them again for their ongoing support. We could never be where we are without your help.

FURminators Flourish for Four-Footed Soldiers

You gotta love that FURminator Company. They make a terrific product and then, patriotic and generous, they share that wonderful product with us so we can support our Military Working Dogs. Since the charting of MWDTSA, the FURminator Company has been very gracious with us and, of course, we also have numerous individual donors who send us FURminators, too. (Including my own veterinarian.) This item is often at the top of everyone’s “Wish List”.

Here are some photos that we’ve taken or had sent to us showcasing the wonder grooming tool. Notice how in some cases, you could almost build another dog out of the hair taken out of the coat. You know that has to feel good to a working dog.

When I checked with one of the handlers to whom we had sent a FURminator as soon as he landed in Iraq and asked him if others in his unit would like to have one, he send this reply: “Actually I think there was two guys who tried to get me to part with mine. LOL. I’ll check to see if they’re still in need of them tho and ill get back to you.”

I love being FURminated FURminator 100_1446

Thank you to Invisible Fence

One of the things that I love is getting “awesome calls” or “awesome emails”. These are the contacts out of the blue from people saying, ” I want to help.” “We’d like to do a fundraiser.” or “We have a donation for you.” Last week I got an awesome call from Jody McGlothlin telling me “We have a donation for you.” I went to pick it up today and it was a wonderful give from Invisible Fence. Here’s a photo of Jody with the information packet and check tucked safely inside. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Donations and support

More items donated by MS. Wilson
Items donated by Ms. Wilson
Items donated by Ms. Wilson
Donated items from Top Dogs
Donated items from Top Dogs
James Kessel and Egon at Top Dogs
James Kessel and Egon at Top Dogs
Egon at Top Dogs
Egon at Top Dogs

MWDTSA has had some amazing support for our missions this past week. We received a wonderful check from Top Dogs Pet Boutique which will assist us with the postage costs of sending boxes of holiday support. In November we kicked off the fundraiser at Top Dogs with an opportunity to meet two Vietnam Veteran Dog Handlers and one currently retired Military Working Dog, Egon. The warm reception that we received at Top Dogs and the incredible support from their customers was heartwarming.

Additionally, we received a thoughtful and generous donation of in-kind products to be sent to the dogs and handlers. It was rounded up by one individual with the support of some of her friends and was so overwhelming that it really finished out most of the shopping that we needed to do for the holidays. Truly an inspiration. We’ve spent the better part of this week packaging Priority boxes and heading up to the local Post Office with “hand trucks” full of packages being sent to various kennels.

The local post office staff has adopted us as their own. Sometimes we hear grumbling behind us as we wait in line with an obviously large and time-consuming number of outgoing packages, but when people comment and we let them know the boxes are for the dogs and the troops, they immediately settle down and smile- usually sharing a story about their own loved ones who have been in harm’s way along the way. It is this kind of support that makes me know what MWDTSA does touches many more people than just the handlers.