Enter the Wine & Wags raffle to support MWDTSA

This photo shows gift baskets of MWDTSA and Luck Dog Shampoo merchandise for the raffle.

Wine country road trip! Please join us on June 3, 2018 at Page Mill Winery in Livermore, CA and bring your four-legged sidekick. Look for the booth selling Luck Dog Shampoo by Thomas K Organics, and you’ll find three easy ways to support MWDTSA:

  1. Stock up on dog shampoo. Thomas K Organics is donating 10% of each sale to MWDTSA.
  2. Buy a raffle ticket for one of four Thomas K Organics/MWDTSA gift baskets. All—yes, 100%!—of the raffle proceeds will go to MWDTSA.
  3. Purchase a $100 Wine & Wags raffle ticket for a chance to win a European cruise worth over $7,000 (or one of the other clever prizes, such as a wine barrel dog house). For every raffle ticket purchased through Thomas K Organics or MWDTSA, MWDTSA will receive a $50 donation.

Video courtesy of Livermore Valley Wine Growers Association.

Map and details

LVWGA writes, “Wine & Wags has an admission fee of $30 online ($35 day of the event). This includes entrance to the participating wineries, at least two tastes at each winery, a commemorative Livermore Valley Wine Country GoVino glass, and special event activities.”

Check out the event map to learn more.

You can pay the admission fee online before you arrive.

To support MWDTSA, visit Page Mill Winery, Luck Dog Shampoo booth, to purchase raffle tickets.

If you are not able to attend the event but want to enter the cruise raffle in support of MWDTSA, please email president@MWDTSA.org with your contact information.

MWDTSA thanks Page Mill Winery, LVWGA, and Thomas K Organics for your support!

It’s A KONG Thing

Hatos balancing a KONG on his head

Thanks to all of our great partners in our KONGs for K9s events, we received matching KONGs today. In fact, so many were matched at one time, that we were asked to have them delivered to a store, because they were going to ship via a pallet. Stepping in to accept the donation on our behalf were local owners of TC Country, Fabio and Sabine Yepes.

KONG toys are a favorite of Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and handlers. The bounce, texture and toughness makes them a perfect toy for a very motivated dog; a great reward for hard work put in by our MWDs.

Once delivered, we received the call from Fabio and Sabine so we rushed up to accept the boxes that arrived and stopped for a moment to take some photos. Inspired by one of our favorite MWD photos, Hatos balancing a KONG on his head, Fabio learned to do the same trick.

Apparently, you can teach an old dog a new trick, as demonstrated by our friend below.

Balancing a KONG on his head

Thanks to all of MWDTSA’s KONGs for K9s partners, the KONG Company matched us one for one.

KONGs in a box

The shipment should last a few months! At least through our next round of care packages.

An assortment of red and black KONG toys

We are appreciative of the hundreds of supporters whose purchase of one KONG at a time allowed us this amazing donation from the KONG Company.

Sorting through KONGs in boxes

Thank you to Long Island Canine Class and R&S Pet Supplies of Long Island, NY

Thanks to the hard work of Kristen Papile, MWDTSA is the recipient of fundraising from today’s event on Long Island. The weather looks glorious and everybody looks like they had a great time. From coordinating events before, I know how hard it can be and how much work and detail it entails. Thank you on behalf of MWDTSA and the dog teams that we proudly support.

Please enjoy some of the amazing pictures taken today.






BBQ Fundraiser with Ladies Auxiliary of American Legion, Cartersville, GA

Thank you to this great group of BBQ chefs, cooks and servers who were kind enough to put together a BBQ fundraiser in support of Military Working Dogs and their handlers. We drove over to Cartersville and spent an hour or so with great company. The food was yummy; wish all of our supporters had been in the area.

Here are some photos of the guys cooking, the ladies who were serving and a single shot of Deborah Kornow, the brains behind this event! Deborah’s brother was a Navy dog handler and another of the ladies had a son who was a Marine dog handler out of Camp Pendleton.



Please help send the word out.

Red. white, and blue silicone "Support Our Teams" wristbands

Many of you have received the link to your May issue of Kennel Talk. We talked briefly on the back page about the new red, white and blue silicone wristbands with the simple phrase “I support the Teams” which we are selling for $5.00 as a fundraiser. This idea was created by our very versatile Secretary/Treasurer, Kris, who is always looking to make a buck. (Gotta love a team mate like that!)

She and one of her handler buddies in Afghanistan, Billy, came up with a second version that will be available to dog handlers AND anybody who specifically requests one. These are a little edgier versions of the support bracelet in Down Range Sand instead of the red,white and blue and will have the words “Bite Me” on them. This will also sell for $5.00, although these probably won’t be brought out at our Public Education booths, we know that the handlers and our audience will get a chuckle out of this play on words and the quirky sense of humor.

If you’d like to mail order add $2.50 and we’ll mail you as many as your little heart desires. And, we hope your heart desires either or both, a lot. It now takes about $12.00 to mail a package to Iraq or Afghanistan. Your contributions along with other family and friends will add up and will help us do the work we need to do.

And, just as a reminder, virtually 100% of the monies received go straight to the dog handlers. The odd exception would be postage to a supporter on a thank you letter etc. Please feel free to email and ask any questions that you think we can assist with. You have two emails to choose from:

Dixie at mwdtsa.dixie@yahoo.com or Kris at mwdtsa.carepacks@yahoo.com

Thanks to all of you who have sent in positive comments about Kennel Talk. I always appreciate hearing from you as a lot of energy goes into putting it together! I’m glad you like it.

Invisible Fence Open House opens doors to new friends

100_1662 Being March, you never know if you’re going to get the lion, the lamb or lamb chops when it comes to the weather and today was no exception. Early this morning it was misting rain and cool, even though the weatherman “told” me it would be warm and sunny. Well, he didn’t lie, really, it just didn’t warm up until afternoon when the temperature hit the mid-70’s and the sun broke forth. It ended up being just a grand day.

MWDTSA was invited to attend an Open House at the local Invisible Fence dealer today. http://www.invisiblefence.com/

Several area vendors with dog related businesses were also in attendance and the general public was invited to come and bring their dogs. Activities for the dogs included agility play, bone toss and a paw print on a tile.

The best part of the day, other than getting a chance to hang around with buddies Ann, Liz and Ken, is that we got to meet some awesome folks. First, there is Jody McGlothlin of Invisible Fence with whom is always a treat to spend time. But, we also got to meet some pretty cool vendors and other folks that had a real interest in what we were doing.

100_1664We had several offers to help with fundraising etc, but one of the most unique that I think we’ve run across comes from Pet Dreams Memorial Center and its owner, Kevin Marcy. Kevin advised that his full service funeral home for pets would provide free service to anyone residing in the greater Atlanta area when their Military Working Dog dies. Since I’m thinking of getting one of these dogs as soon as I bulk up the bank account a bit, I think that is really, really generous and very appropriate offer.

There were many other really great vendors with amazing services and I was able to get cards from many of them. If you’re in the Atlanta area and need to know where to get an invisible fence, have a pet sitter come to the home or board your dog in a non-boring kennel, get a doggy bath with a blueberry facial, learn K 9 first aid from an expert, go to doggy obedience school and more, let me know, have I got info for you.

(BTW, I nearly lost Ann to the blueberry facial folks at Aussie Pet Mobile. Not only did the thought of a facial sound really amazing, the blueberries were somehow dancing in our heads and creating visions of muffins, too.) I’ll in100_1661clude a list of all the links of the wonderful vendors we met.






Enjoy a few photos of the day: Ann with the cutest little papillion, Ken with Kala (an extremely sweet mixed breed that just won all our hearts), Kevin Marcy with his display and some of the “goodies” available for munching.

Thanks, Jody, it was terrific and it’s always great to meet new friends. Monies donated at today’s event will go to my favorite charity : ), MWDTSA, to help us with new requests that are coming in.